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The new Nordic way to cook on bicycles.


Cykelkokken - Danish for ”The Bicycle Chef" - is a mobile restaurant specializing in bicycle food experiences.

Explore Copenhagen with Cykelkokken on carefully planned bike tours - and enjoy dishes along the way inspired by old Nordic cooking techniques and made with local organic ingredients. 


Join Cykelkokken for a unique social gastronomic event, and enjoy a 5-course dinner served in selected niches of Copenhagen we think you’ll love.

A true outdoor experience full of stories, urban adventure, and delicious food and drinks.

Foodie Country

This 2020 special event is designed to tempt all of you bike enthusiasts with special chef treatment on a long-distance bike trip from Copenhagen into the wild. 




Bicycle cooking can be scaled for any occasion. At Cykelkokken, we take pride in making your event, reception or dinner into something uniquely special.

We are

We’re a team of professional chefs and cargo bike lovers.

We combine our passions to share foodie adventures with everyone who joins us on a ride.

"A tour with Cykelkokken is an extraordinary experience that we can only recommend to embrace Copenhagen in its truest beauty. With his tours Morten combines the 3 best things about Copenhagen; biking, food and the city itself. We took a tour with Morten for our company party and biked through entire Copenhagen, passed all the big sights and for each course on the menu, we stopped in secret backyards or by the open harbour to cook and dine. Morten is not only an excellent cook, but also a fantastic storyteller and creates wonderful co-creative sessions where everyone gets involved. Having been on several bike tours with Cykelkokken, I know that Morten magically turns both sunshine and pouring rain into an unforgettable tour. Can't wait for our next tour with the bicycle kitchen!"

Brini, CEO Sweet Sneak Studio


  Food experiences that stimulate your mind, intellect and appetite.

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photo: Daniel Rasmussen & Anders Hviid