"CycleDining is about riding a bicycle and discovering hidden places with a chef.

Creating a dinner experience that stimulates your mind, intellect and appetite."

What is bicycle food

Bicycle food is about getting most out of less equipment. We insist on creating fine dining with the limits of a small scale utilities. Putting all our effort into the handcraft of cooking and planning - to produce only what we need, with the minimum use of fridge, storage and garbage.

CycleDining - A gastronomic ride

CycleDining fits groups of around 10-14 people perfectly. It's a social event where you are served a 5-course dinner on different spots around town. A true outdoor experience, topped with stories, urban adventures and wonderful natural food and wine. 

If you haven't tried the feeling of freedom when biking through the city, eating - not having to be somewere specific all the time, cause we have everything we need with us - you need to try CycleDining with Cykelkokken. We promise you, it's a dining experience that stimulates your mind, intellect and senses.

In that sense, friends - so much more than a restaurant visit!

The Shelter

Even the most outdoor people needs a shelter sometimes. 

Bigger events

Bicycle cooking can be scaled up in size to fit any occasion. And we even take the dirty kitchen with us, when we leave. Call us if you need an interesting setup for a reception, pop-up event, conference or something else. 

@2019 by Cykelkokken photo: Daniel Rasmussen