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What is "Urban Dining"? 

An Urban Dining ride is a collective dining experience that centers around a bike ride in the
city. In other words, we bike around Copenhagen and make stops at selected sites – some famous,
and some secret niches – where a course is prepared and enjoyed. A full gastronomic bike ride is
equivalent to a 5-course menu and typically lasts approx. 4 hours. 


What route are we going to take?

It’s no coincidence that we often speak of our bike rides as a theatrical performance.
Each ride weaves its own unique story as we follow a common thread through Copenhagen, with
breathtaking changes of scenery provided by the city’s architecture and urban spaces. Chef and
guests are co-creators of the journey, as aromas, flavors, stories and socializing blend to create a
shared experience – or performance.
When you join Cykelkokken for a ride, everything needed for a delightful and delectable experience is
packed in the bike, setting us free to explore Copenhagen’s hidden pearls and oases. One of the
things we love about these rides is the freedom to be impulsive and embrace inspiration as
opportunities arise along the way.

On past rides, for example, we’ve taken an impromptu tour of the training ship Georg Stage – the
ship’s chef even shared his potato dish, which we took along and enjoyed at the next food stop! On
another ride, we visited an amazing gallery while seeking refuge during a sudden rain shower, and we
ended up staying there for the main course.


These often unplanned and surprising elements make for memorable experiences. It’s by design that
we ask our guests to come with an open mind and a willingness to participate in a collective
experience that is created using everything the city, the weather gods, and the surroundings offer us
that day.


If you have any special requests, we’d love to hear them and we’ll do our best to incorporate them
into our planning. 


Does everyone have to ride a bike?

Yes, on these bike rides, everyone has to ride a bike. Cykelkokken can assist with the rental of electric
bikes or rickshaws that a ride participant can use to transport a non-biking companion.
Do we have to bring our own bikes?

We offer rental bikes and bike helmets for use on our urban excursions.  
We have a close partnership with a bike rental which rents out high quality bikes in the city


On the special “Foodie Country” expeditions, a “Bullitt” cargo bike is included for all participants.


How long is the bike ride?

Our Urban Dining rides are usually around 5 kilometers (3 miles) at a slow pace along bike-friendly roads,

with four to five stops along the way. 

The ride is not very physically demanding. You must be accustomed to riding a bike and familiar with the

standard rules of traffic to bike in the city. 

You bike at your own risk and are responsible for your personal safety. 

It is your responsibility and decision whether to ride with a bike helmet and to determine whether
your privately-owned bike is street legal (bikes rented through Cykelkokken and our partner are
guaranteed street legal).



What about the weather? 

At Cykelkokken, our philosophy is that there is no such thing as poor weather – only poor clothing
choices. You can never count on the weather in Copenhagen, so you might as well stop trying! 
After many years as outdoor chefs, we eventually learned to check the weather forecast and plan the
route the day before an event. 

But another thing we’ve learned is that the weather is only a very small part of the experience. Unlike
a picnic, where you sit still on a blanket and sigh in disappointment every time a cloud passes in front
of the sun, a bike ride with Cykelkokken is all about flavors, ingredients, stories,
socializing, movement, crazy missions and adventure. And all of those things are best enjoyed
outdoors – even if the sun isn’t shining in a clear blue sky.


Copenhagen has countless nooks and crannies to explore, and that’s exactly what we love doing.
Planning your event usually follows a process along the lines of: 

  • If the weather forecast is calling for showers or wind, we plan the ride close to bridges,

covered areas and places around town where we can seek shelter while dining. 

  • If it looks like lovely weather is in the cards, we might bike a little farther and take in a nice

mix of quiet oases and vibrant urban spaces. 

  • If the weather is absolutely hopeless (as in constant rain or storms) we can ride directly

down to “Svajerbar” – Cykelkokken’s place on the Copenhagen Harbor waterfront. The chef
will stay outside and prepare the meal at his bike kitchen, while those who prefer can seek
warmth and shelter inside. 

So, generally speaking, prepare for an outdoor experience – knowing all the while that we’ve got
more than enough secret refuges around the city to make sure your gastronomic bike ride will never
devolve into an extreme survival experience.



What should I wear?

Dress for the weather (forecast). It’s always a good idea to have a wind- and waterproof outer shell
with you. Nobody ever complained about having the right clothing to stay warm and dry, after all.

REMEMBER BIKE LIGHTS during the winter months if you’re riding your own bike. 


What is Cykelkokken’s Svajerbar? 

To ensure that we never surrender to the unpredictable Nordic climate and cancel a ride, we have a
great little place right on the waterfront at Kalvebod Waves. This re-purposed shipping container has

been insulated and decorated to ensure loads of Danish coziness – the all-important hygge. Svajerbar
opens its arms to shelter you from wet and stormy weather. There’s room for 14 dining guests and a
splendid view across the water to Islands Brygge and Sydhavn – and we’re just a 10-minute walk from
Copenhagen Central Station and Tivoli.

Svajerbar means that you’ll always have the option of going inside an enjoying a heated room while
Cykelkokken continues cooking outdoors. 


What about the food and menu options? 

When you do an Urban Dining bicycle adventure, a number of decisions are made prior to departure – the
menu being one of them. The menu is composed under the inspiring (and challenging!) restraints of a
kitchen on two wheels, which means that you don’t have to make any decisions. Simply give into
temptation and let the bike chef entice your senses.

The starting point in menu planning is primarily green. Fish and seafood are often served, and in some
cases meat. The food is always organic and sustainable, and made with seasonal ingredients. 

The food is part of our ambition to freely explore the city and co-create a collective food and outdoor
journey with our guests. It’s in our DNA to give guests the best possible culinary experience, while
venturing beyond the safety net and backup options of a professional kitchen. 

Menus and dining experiences are developed according to the following dogmas: 
We must compose a 5-course menu that: 


  • can fit on a bike and still be enough food for all guests, 

  • complies with all refrigeration and food hygiene regulations,

  • can be prepared with a minimal use of water,

  • produces minimal waste, 

  • can be prepared without electricity, 

  • can be transported and stacked, with minimal weight and volume. 


Because that’s the only way it would ever be possible to fit everything into our bike and cook all over
in the city. 




Working with limited refrigeration/kitchen/storage facilities and cooking with a simple outdoor
kitchen add are pretty serious challenges. 

As a result, it might be difficult to prepare special menus to accommodate food allergies. But please
let us know if you have any allergies, and Cykelkokken will try to find an alternative or omit those
elements from the menu for you.


The same goes for special requests regarding beverages. If we don’t know about these things before
“the performance” begins, we can’t just run back to storeroom and find an alternative. Our cargo has
to be packed very precisely to fit it all on the bike. 

You can count on a glass with each course, and you will be given a half liter of bottled water at the
start of the ride. 


What about cancellations and changes?

Come snow, come rain, come sun, Cykelkokken’s rides go on. We do not cancel unless extreme or
dangerous conditions are in the forecast.


Tickets can be cancelled for a refund up to 14 days before the date of the ride. Cancellations after this
time will not be refunded. 

If you have booked a group ride, we must be informed of the precise number of participants, allergy
information, etc. no later than 6 days before the ride.

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photo: Daniel Rasmussen & Anders Hviid