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  • What if it rains?
    After 20+ years of Cykelkokken, we have become experts at this. You should prepare for an outdoor experience - but also know that a gastronomic bike ride will never be a survival ride. We follow the weather forecast and lay out the route the day before. Might rain: the trip is planned near bridges or at places in the city where we can seek shelter while we eat. Copenhagen offers many nooks and crannies to explore! We always provide you with rain ponchos. Extreme rain and wind: we go directly to Svajerbar, our cosy hut down in the Port of Copenhagen. We stay out cooking and those who want can stay inside in warmth and shelter. “This is the most common question. First of all, it actually rarely rains. But to be honest, the most thrilling trips I have enjoyed have been when it starts to rain. When we all have to fit under a tree or a bridge. It always makes a group closer." Morten Wulff, Cykelkokken
  • Should we bring our own bikes?
    Either way. You are welcome to bring your own bikes. But we can also help you with both bikes and helmets. We work closely with a well-stocked bicycle rental company that rents high quality bicycles and accessories. Rent bikes price: 250,- DKK / bike. REMEMBER BICYCLE LAMPS in the autumn and winter if you ride private bikes. It is also your responsibility and decision whether you wear bicycle helmets and whether your private bicycles are legal.
  • What food do you serve?
    Our five-course menu is local, seasonal and all organic. We love to stay creative and adapt the menu to the freshest produce of the season. We plan the menu around the greens, then add fish and seafood, occasionally meat. You can let yourself be seduced by the city for a while and do not have to make any choices.
  • What is the route? How far do we cycle?
    There is no standard route. Each tour becomes its own narrative. It is no coincidence that we often talk about our gastronomic bike ride as a `performance`. We are free to explore Copenhagen's small hiding places and oases. Chef and guest are at eye level all the way. Scents, tastes and stories are created together and become a shared experience - or performance. You can expect 4-5 km. Copenhagen is very flat, so we won't go up any big hills. If you have special wishes beforehand, we will be happy to hear them and try to include them in our planning.
  • What if someone has difficulties biking?
    Gastronomic bike rides take place cycling and everyone who can should bike. The bicycle chef can help provide electric bicycles or rent a rickshaw that can be cycled and controlled by a participant.
  • How should we dress?
    Put on clothes according to the weather forecast. It is nice to be able to stay warm and dry with the right attire. It is always a good idea to bring wind or waterproof outerwear.
  • How do you handle allergies and diets?
    Tell us NO LATER THAN 7 DAYS BEFORE, if you have allergens and we will try to find an alternative for you. Since we pack the food in the bike, we cannot change the servings during the tour. The same applies to special requests regarding beverages.
  • Can you do the tour in English?
    Yes, no worries!
  • What is Svajerbar?
    Svajerbar is our little hut on Kalvebod Bølge. It is a container that has been insulated and made cozy and is out shelter in case of bad weather. This means that you always have the opportunity to come inside, while Cykelkokken continues cooking outdoor. It is located at the extreme tip of the inner city with views of Islands Brygge and Sydhavnen - only a ten minute walk from the main railway and Tivoli.
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