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Our customers say ...

“A tour with Cykelkokken is an extraordinary experience that we can only recommend to embrace Copenhagen in its truest beauty. With his tours Morten combines the 3 best things about Copenhagen: biking, food and the city itself. We took a tour with Morten for our company party and biked through entire Copenhagen, passed all the big sights and for each course of our menu, we stopped in secret backyards or by the open harbor to cook and dine. Morten is not only an excellent cook, but also a fantastic storyteller and creates wonderful co-creative sessions where everyone gets involved. Having been on several bike tours with Cykelkokken, I know that Morten magically turns both sunshine and pouring rain into an unforgettable tour. Can't wait for our next tour with the bicycle kitchen! ”

- Brini, CEO


We collaborate with Morten and we highly recommend his bike trips, because he is an innovative thinker, has high quality standards and is organized. Morten always does everything to give our guests an extraordinary experience, when we create custom made dining experiences around Copenhagen. Morten is a fantastic host and a very inspiring local chef. He is able to perform culinary masterpieces on his specialized kitchen-bike for everyone's admiration anywhere in town. We are proud that Copenhagen offers a concept like Cykelkokken, the bicycle chef.

- Fie, Operation Manager


"This guy likes to take the concept of eating to another level. Last night he served an outstanding dinner in front of the Danish Parliament. If there ever was a New Nordic, it is Morten Kryger Wulff, The Cykelkokken from Copenhagen"

- Hans Bullitt, CEO


"When welcoming clients to Copenhagen we are always certain to make Cykelkokken a part of the experience. An evening with Morten showcases the best of all things Copenhagen: great food, beautiful backdrops, cozy company, and of course, bikes."

- James Thome, Project Manger


“Kitchen Collective has for several years used Cykelkokken ranging from catering assignments to gastronomic all-day bike rides in Copenhagen. Every time he makes sure to provide a unique dining experience, where people get one on the experience when Cykelkokken shows his favorite spots in Copenhagen, swings past talented food people who share their exciting stories and spice up the whole trip with the most delicious servings created from his bike . We know that people are guaranteed a memorable dining experience that we have not seen or experienced elsewhere, and therefore we call Cykelkokken when the opportunity arises. ”

- Maria Kristensen, Manager


“An experience at the very top! One of those events where everything goes up in a higher unit. Wonderful food, secret spots in Copenhagen, spontaneous visits and activities all linked together with a fun bike ride. I still wonder how Morten with playful ease can conjure up such a fine dinner. Cycling and grilling at the same time, it's impressive. He reminds me of a top athlete who has trained hard and then makes everything look natural and light.

I take some magic dust with me and look forward to visiting Cykelkokken again because I sense that no two trips are alike in the company of the dear chef.

Herewith my warmest recommendations ”.

- Camilla Falder


"We had the most amazing day yesterday on our MK1-E's turning the city with cykelkokken - what a great concept! We highly recommend this extraordinary social food experience. We feel energized and so ready to rock the rest of 2018"

- Marie-Louise Skjølstrup


"Fantastic !!! Cykelkokken made our wedding picnic lunch in HC Ørsteds park, unforgettable !!!!"

Thanks a lot !!!

- Nina Dölker


"The bicycle chef has developed a really nice crooked concept, where you cycle with him to selected places in the city, where he prepares and serves the finest dishes. Mega cozy - highly recommended."

- Helle Pejtersen


"A small group of cyclists cross the Kissing Bridge in Copenhagen while the rays of the setting sun play in the ripples of the water. In front, Morten drives on his two-wheeled kitchen. The stove is lit and the smell of firewood, smoke and spicy fish soup envelops the group of cyclists -


With Cykelkokken, you get around exciting corners of Copenhagen, and at the same time are served inviting and tasty food. A great experience for all the senses. "

- By Seidelin

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