Terms and conditions

Thank you for booking a cycle chef tour experience with Cykelkokken! We love sharing the unique experience of being a cycle chef with our guests, and want to make sure you enjoy yourself as much as possible.  

What is included?

Welcome drink and a starter​

3 servings along the way 

Dessert and coffee​

Something to drink with every meal (some with, some without alcohol)

Start and stop place:

Svajerbar - Kalvebod Bølge - Vesterbro

Best days. Wednesday to sundays - April to October

Possible hours:

at 11:00-15:30


at 17:00-21:30

We provide you with tourbag and rain poncho, if needed you can rent a bike from us. 


DKK 1695,- per person.

+ DKK100 bike rent per person.


Your booking is verifide went you have have recived a booking confirmation from our bookingsystem - after you have fill out the form on out website booking site  https://cykelkokken.superbexperience.com/


Your booking can be canceled freely up to 14 days before your date.

Up to 7 days before the date, it is only possible to change the number of people and the date of the event.

Bad weather?

Cykelkokken tours are run in snow, rain and sun and are only canceled if dangerous road conditions are announced.


When you make a booking on via our website you will be asked to confirm your booking with a your cerdit card information. The total price will be shown but dont worry !! This amount will only be charged in the unlikely event of not honouring your reservation with us or if the reservation is not cancelled according to our cancellation policy.


Gastronomic Ride with CYKELKOKKEN

Thank you for booking a cycle chef tour experience with Cykelkokken! We love sharing the unique experience of being a cycle chef with our guests, and want to make sure you enjoy yourself as much as possible.

Our Cykelkokken tours are very different from your typical restaurant dining experience. Because these tours involve riding a bicycle – including, possibly, one of our regular or cargo bikes – we have some rules and conditions in place that are intended to help keep everybody safe. Please read these carefully. If you have any questions, please let us know. Our lawyer tells us that we need you to agree to these before you can participate in one of our Cykelkokken tours.

1. Bike skills: As noted above, the Cykelkokken tour experience involves a bike ride. Of course you probably know this already, but just to be clear: you will be riding a bike throughout your tour. Whether you ride one or our bikes or bring your own, you agree that you will become familiar with the bike and how it operates before you begin the tour, and will tell us if at any point you have any concerns or problems about riding your bike. You also agree that you will ride your bike in a safe manner and will follow all applicable traffic laws at all times during the tour.

2. Health: Because this is a cycle tour experience, you need to be healthy enough to pedal you and your bike for the full length of the tour. You acknowledge that we have told you approximately how far you will be traveling by bike, and you confirm that you are fit and well enough to complete the tour. You agree that you bear all responsibility, including health care and transportation costs, in the event you are unable to complete your tour for any reason.

3. Outdoor event: You also understand that a Cykelkokken tour is an outdoor activity, and that weather in Denmark is unpredictable. You understand and agree that your tour will go forward despite the weather if we deem it safe to do so, and that it is your responsibility to wear and bring clothing appropriate for the weather, including rain gear.

4. Bike safety: You understand that like any activity, bicycling involves risks. We share roads with motor vehicles, and roads and cycle paths with other cyclists as well as pedestrians, and we do not control how they behave. While we can reduce these risks by cycling in a safe and lawful manner, you understand and agree that we cannot eliminate all risks, and you accept all risks associated with participating in this cycle tour. In addition, while bicycle helmets are not required by law in Denmark, they do offer an additional degree of protection for your head under certain circumstances. You understand and agree that if you elect not to use a helmet during your cycle tour, you do so at your own risk.

5. Alcohol: You understand that a Cykelkokken tour involves stops where food and drink are served. Some of the drinks we serve may contain alcohol. We will always tell you when we are serving a drink that contains alcohol and will have an alcohol-free option available. You understand and agree that it is your responsibility to understand how your body reacts to alcohol, and to make responsible choices about consuming drinks that contain alcohol during your cycle tour. You agree that you will not ride your bike in the event you feel inebriated or have reason to believe that your blood-alcohol level exceeds the legal limit. You also understand that we have the right to refuse to serve you alcohol for any reason. You agree to inform us if you feel that you are unable to ride legally or safely for any reason, and you accept full responsibility for any consequences if you fail to do so.

6. Food safety: We are a licensed food-service operation and take all legal and reasonable precautions to make sure that the food we serve is safe (as well as delicious!). You agree to inform us in advance of any food allergies that anybody in your party has and we will take reasonable steps to accommodate these allergies and to inform you of the ingredients we use in each dish.

7. Disclamer: You understand and agree that we accept no liability or obligation, and you agree to indemnify and hold Cykelkokken and anybody working with Cykelkokken harmless, in the event of illness, injury, death or loss or damage to others or personal property during the course of or after your Cykelkokken tour.

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