Guided cycle dining

A biketrip with Cykelkokken is about the food, the city and the company. You will be served a 5 course-dinner while moving slowly on bicycles through the city together as a group. We enjoy the adventure of tasting good food in different surroundings. The difference of enjoying one serving in a quiet corner of the city and the next serving in a busy square with people longing for your dish. We invite you to feel the thrill of discovering the city and your fellow group members with an open and curious mind.. 

The biketrips are suitable for groups up to 10-14 pers. and takes about 3,5 hours. Are you more than 14? Call us and let's talk about your wishes. All private group-tours are customized and planned to fit your group. 

Price/pers: 125 €. Minimum 9 pers. 

For terms and booking, click HERE

Less is more...

Limiting the need of fridge, storage, trash & space makes us free to enjoy gorgeous food from our bikes everywhere we want. 

@2019 by Cykelkokken photo: Daniel Rasmussen