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Magnus is a food enthusiast of a special caliber and has been part of Cykelkokken since 2016. Magnus has his finger on Copenhagen's pulse and his creativity and unique understanding of taste contributes to new thinking in everything we do. When Magnus is not experimenting in the kitchen, he is a passionate scout who enjoys exploring nature's pantry.



Vincent has been associated with Cykelkokken since the spring of 2020. He is a French chef and trained in Japanese cuisine. He has also worked as a sushi chef in the market halls. In the winter of 2020, Vincent is in Madrid as a consultant for a newly opened Japanese restaurant which he is helping to get started.



Alessandra is a trained chef in Italy. She came to Copenhagen in 2019 in the desire to immerse herself in Nordic cuisine and has, among other things. worked at Kødbyen's trendy fish restaurant Fiskebaren. When Alessandra is not sitting on one of our kitchen bikes, she enjoys long-distance cycling and exploring Copenhagen's vibrant life and green oases.








Luke has been cycling with us since 2019 and with his South African and German roots he contributes with an unsurpassed energy and appetite for life. Luke is a trained chef and has previously folded his folds at both Fiskebaren, Harts and Almanac. When Luke is not cycling around as a bicycle chef, he enjoys Copenhagen on land and at sea. Luke loves i.a. to dive and swim in the port of Copenhagen.





The bicycle chef was founded in 2002 and is owned by the couple Morten and Tine.

Morten is the creative soul behind Cykelkokken's concept, which combines love of sustainability, outdoor life and gastronomy in a class of its own. With a past as a chef both at home and abroad, Morten comes with a solid insight into the culinary universe, which he likes to transform into unique gourmet experiences on wheels.


Tine is Cykelkokken's administrative backbone. With a degree in public administration, she handles all tasks related to communication, marketing, logistics and finance.


What they both have in common is that they have a penchant for green, versatile and adventurous Copenhagen - a love they are ready to share with you.

Morten Kryger Wulff
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