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Newsletter #1

September 2023


Dear readers,


You have subscribed to receive updates from Cykelkokken's Newsletter, and that's why you are receiving this brief newsletter. Among other things, you will have the opportunity to be the first to purchase tickets for our upcoming autumn open tours.


The gastronomic bike tours were sold out this spring and summer before I had the chance to announce them in this newsletter - as I accidentally shared the dates on Instagram. But now you have the news first, and I promise not to mention it to anyone else until sometime next week.Book your tickets here.


Throughout the summer, I have enjoyed many wonderful rides, exploring both the inner and outer corners of the city by bike and discovering new fantastic sites where we have savored the dishes I have brought along in my bike kitchen. It is a pleasure to see the magic that always happens between people when we explore and eat together - regardless if I bike with a group of friends, colleagues or 18 individual guests who have booked the open tours separately. We start the tours a bit quiet and end up talking, laughing and connecting in all kinds of ways. So cool!


The food this year has had more of an outdoor flavor, as I purchased a smoker, which I have used to smoke Haddock, among other things. Haddock (Kuller) is a delightful fish, and when smoked at 65 degrees Celsius for 4 hours, the meat becomes incredibly tender, juicy, and lightly smoked. I keep the smoker at Svajerbar on Kalvebod Brygge, where I start most of my tours.


As something new this year, I have printed a "Tour Journal" that all my guests receive at the beginning. RUBY & RED developed the journal, and they have written a lovely article about my intentions and their process, which can be readhere.


My idea behind providing a notebook to everyone is to give you, as a guest, the opportunity to delve into some of my thoughts about using the city and cooking on a bike. But just as importantly, it allows each guest to make their own mark on the journey. With a pencil, you can jot down keywords, take notes, draw what you see, or fill in the blank pages, which are also in the book. It's yours, and I hope you enjoy having some analogue tools on the ride.


There is one last thing that I would like to share with you in this newsletter. Film producer Jeremy Heslup is currently putting the finishing touch on his second film about my work as a bike chef. Back in 2018, he made the first portrait film (which you can watch here), and now he has returned to follow up on Cykelkokken. I look forward to seeing what he has framed during his visit, now five years later.


Stay tuned for more exciting updates like this and more news in our upcoming newsletter editions!


That's it!

Enjoy the autumn, and read below, if you'd like to join Cykelkokken on a tour.


Warm regards,

Morten Cykelkokken

The open tour dates

I hope to see 16 participants on each of these three tours.


Dates for open Wednesday bike tours:


September 27th

Novemberber 1st


From: 5:00 PM to 9:30 PM.

Starting Point: Swayerbar (Calf stall Bølge)

Recommendation from a previous guest

"An experience that was truly top-notch! One of those events where everything comes together in perfect harmony. Wonderful food, hidden spots in Copenhagen, spontaneous visits and activities, all tied together with a fun bike ride...

I'm taking a bit of magic dust with me, and I look forward to visiting Cykelkokken again because I feel that no two trips are the same in the company of the dear chef.

Hereby, my warmest recommendations." — Camilla Falder

Private team tour

If you wish to gather some friends or colleagues, you also have the option to book your own tour for groups of 8 to 20 people on a date that suits you and is available in my calendar.



Thank you! We will get back to you shortly.

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