A cook, a challenge and a cargo bike
The idea of making a mobile kitchen was a picnic with a bunch of friends in 2002. As a chef, I have always wanted to challenge the traditional restaurant concept. The food is not everything - that's what happens between cook, guest and guests when you make and eat good food that is interesting. In 2002 the chefs were still wrapped in a kitchen and made food without being able to experience the guests' reactions. Without having a dialogue about the food.

So, my dream back in 2002 was to turn the experience into the public space and cook, adapted to the place, the guests and the season. Menus with passion, imagination and delicious fresh ingredients. Also like some raw materials found on the road.

Cykelkokken på picinc cykeltur

I graduated as a cook in 92 and worked as a chef and chef in many places. The Snapstinget at Christiansborg, Café Europa, Hotel Savoy in London, Restaurant Continent in Geneva, etc.

At the same time, something could be common to you. Live cooking is an event in itself that is good at creating a presence and socializing, because there is lots of visual and sensuality in it when you get around the bike and can keep up with it all.

From a bicycle to a professional kitchen
With a background as both a cook and technical designer, I threw along with a carpenter the challenge of designing and building a kitchen out of a bicycle. It was technically and designally a huge challenge.

It took about a year from idea to finished bike, and in 2003, the Cycling Cookie rolled out for the first time in Copenhagen's streets to make mobile, gastronomic events.

It has been to many big and small events since, and in recent years it has happily also inspired others to cycle and play with the dining experience. Therefore, two other bicycle kitchens, which I have designed, run today in Copenhagen and in Århus for the Food Bank and Food Makers, respectively. If you want to know more about the bikes themselves, read more here: "COOKING CYCLE".

Always room for new challenges
However, my desire to explore and challenge has not become less even though the dream of making a bicycle kitchen is realized. There are still plenty of ways to challenge the way you cook. Among other things, I would like to work to use as little as possible and thus reduce food waste. I would also like to explore if old-fashioned preserving methods can be used instead of refrigeration. And much more…

These personal and professional challenges make me keep playing new menus and cooking methods - that also requires new bike designs. Therefore, a new kitchen bike prototype is always in progress.

Morten Kryger Wulff
Bicycle chef

@2019 by Cykelkokken photo: Daniel Rasmussen