- On bicycle in Copenhagen 

Adventures built on the inspiring principle that every element of the complete dinner experience must fit on the chef’s bike. 

When we pack up our cargo kitchen bike with everything we need, we’re free to move, pause, breathe in the atmosphere, take in the surroundings and enjoy good food wherever inspiration takes us – be it a planned or impromptu destination. 

Perhaps you’ve never heard of “bicycle food”, but we’re trying to change all that – you could even say that it’s a food genre we’re helping to invent.


The factors of limited refrigeration, water and cargo space – not to mention a lack of electric tools – disrupt the process of preparing menus and serving dishes.


We absolutely love the delightful and often surprising experiences that bicycle food offers everyone involved – chefs and guests alike.


Preparing and serving a 5-course meal to a group from our bike kitchen requires detailed planning and demands that we keep the menu simple yet extraordinary.


  Food experiences that stimulate your mind, intellect and appetite.

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photo: Daniel Rasmussen & Anders Hviid