Why is it cool to bring the food on a bike?

Because good things come out of less. Not more. Bringing the food on the bicycle challenge our need to bring everthing and force us to focus on what we need (and only what we really need) to make it an extraordinary journey.

Being outside, moving through our city together, eating, smelling and making good food, gives us great experiences EVERY time we do it and we’re convinced that you will be as happy as we are doing it.

The limits of fridge on the bike, the limit of water, the lack of electric tools and the limit of space to carry everything, DOES have an impact on the food served as well as the way the food is served.


You might never have heard of the term “bicycle-food”, but it is a food-category that we are trying to invent, as we have to think of so many things every time we create the menu for a gastronomic ride.

Serving up to 5 servings to the group from the bike  demands that every tour is planned thoroughly. The planning and logistic is a big hassle for Cykelkokken but also the biggest satisfaction every time we finish.

In 2018, the bikekitchen was extended with a 20 ft (13 m2) shipping-container that we call our little shelter. The shelter has the exact same limitations as the bike, as we have to limit the need of fridge, storage, garbage and space.

Our goal is to keep pushing the limits on what is possible in the small scale kitchen-business.

@2019 by Cykelkokken photo: Daniel Rasmussen